Friday, March 07, 2008

Wyoming Woes

Barack Obama

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Hillary Clinton is setting the expectations "low" for Wyoming and Mississippi according to the Associated Press.

Where's the momentum? Obama should have made them his "firewall" and called them "witching hour" contests and touted them as "corner turning."

But he doesn't do that, which is why we like him.

If Sen. Clinton is doing so well, why is she attacking so relentlessly. He is most likely the nominee. The numbers hold it to be so, no matter what your read to the contrary. What is she trying to do? Sink the party's best opportunity to take the White House in eight years?

It highwayscribery's hedge that hard core pros in the party recognize Obama's edge and move toward the Illinois senator in an effort to avoid Clinton's pulling the whole Democratic establishment into a kamikaze mission.

The Powers remark looks lousy at an "official" level, but serves as a pointed reminder about the Clinton brand and wht the history is. Today she's a fighter, before that she was no "night shift," tomorrow she's willing to let him be her vice president.


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