Saturday, March 15, 2008

Parallel Universe (Part II)

Cringing last night through CNN's coverage of the Reverend Wright flap it was easy to shrug and say "This thing is coming undone."

Sworn off the Internet for a day, temptation entered the picture and a quick check-in online revealed that Sen. Obama had increased his delegate lead in Iowa.

It was not inconsiderable booty his impressive ground troops left the convention hall with. Considering the take from Mississippi and Wyoming, those Iowa additions represented a real nice jolt.

But that's not why we're posting here. Instead, the notion was to point out the continuing disconnect between the place where our national narrative takes place, and what's happening in the real world free of media interpretations.

It's quite clear that Iowa delegates, and John Edwards followers in particular, could care less about Rev. Wright and the other divisive means by which the powers-that-be are hoping to muddy the limpid waters of Obama's message.

People continue to desire change and they continue to view Obama as the guy to do it. An interesting article in the "New York Times" on Saturday pointed to a superdelegate shift towards Obama.

The reasons were threefold and all could have been written by Obama campaign chief David Plouffe. The super-Ds are afraid Hillary's knife fight (A David Brooks concept) is going too far and will weaken the party ticket.

Even those not partial to Obama would have a hard time arguing the contrary. For all Sen. Clinton's bloodletting over the past three weeks she's only moved farther away from her goal of catching him in delegates. More of this can't help anybody, least of all Ms. Clinton.

The delegates canvassed by "The Times" reporters seemed to think backing Clinton in the instance Obama continued to lead in delegates, popular votes and states won could only damage the party and discredit the entire, multi-zillion dollar primary process.

Finally, there was general trepidation a Clinton atop the ticket would hurt those at lower levels. These are politicians worried about their own careers directly refuting her claim she wins the big states and matches up better in the autumn.

It has been a difficult three weeks, but mostly in the media, which can do its fair share of damage, but in this unique election season, are finding it hard to sway a solid base of Obama supporters from what it is they want for their country.

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