Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad Press

Yesterday, highwayscribery performed a dissection of a column by conservative writer Bill Kristol that ran in the "New York Times." Out to nail Obama, Kristol went with some information about the Illinois senator's presence at an incendiary sermon by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright only to retract it later in the day as false. Nonetheless, the "San Diego Union-Tribune" saw fit to publish the piece, without the retraction, a day later.

Those of you in the media who care about the standards under which we are obligated to labor should call the "U-T" on their questionable publication of a tainted piece. You can do so at letters@uniontrib.com

It is unacceptable that you run the article, as is, without the retraction. What kind of outfit are you running? Where are your journalistic standards of accuracy and honesty? What is behind your decision to present Kristol's article without the clarification? In fact, why would you run a discredited piece at all.

Your clumsy, sloppy and suspicious work will be duly noted at the blog, "highwayscribery."

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