Monday, March 31, 2008

Back Room Barack

Yesterday, after reading a disturbing account of goings-on at the Texas Democratic Convention, highwayscribery suggested superdelegates would begin backing Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in his quest for the party nomination.

We thought it made for good reading because of a delicious irony that finds Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) hoping party backroomers will overturn the will of rank-and-file voters by annointing her, when really they might be the ones who do her in.

The piece began, "By superdelegates she hopes to live, but by super delegates she may die."

highwayscribery is almost terminally wrong with such hunches, but today is a new day.

"Salon" claims the "Wall Street Journal has reported that six of North Carolina's superdelegates planned to back Obama before that state's upcoming primary, which remains to be seen. But Associated Press revealed the certainty that Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar has come out for Obama.

Says Salon: "Moves such as these are being widely interpreted as a sign that superdelegates are impatient with the continuing race, and worried aboout the impact it will have on November voting."

Told ya so.

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