Thursday, February 01, 2007

Virtual March

highwayscribery has its problems with

Our editorial board, stationed beyond the far left fringe and safely in iconoclastic territory, finds some of the group's messages and attempts to prod activism a little over-the-top and often guilty of tactics so loathesome in the Limbaugh crowd.

But you have to belong to something if you want get something done. Anarcho-Syndicalist for most of the year, we line up with the Democrats, warts and all, every election day.

As such, we are going along with MoveOn's "virtual march" on Washington D.C. today.

The subject of MoveOn's ire is this stupid recipe for more violence the White House has staked what's left of its policy reputation on. The Senate is working on a resolution opposing what the administration calls a "surge" and MoveOn more succinctly refers to as an "escalation."

They want you to go here and commit to contacting your Senator today. The goal is one million calls.

Today's action is dedicated to Molly Ivins who died yesterday (that's her photo). Ivins was a wonderful columnist and burr in the side of la familia Bush and the great mistake of Texas for the better part of 40 years. She will be missed.

We make no bones about our opposition to the war here at highwayscribery, and we never have. We didn't like it in March 2003, when we marched against it, and are still expecting an apology for the insults and denigration that opposition sparked at the time, because, well, we were correct in our assessment.

Without the benefit of satellite photos and intelligence networks.

The "surge" itself is a silly notion that will change nothing. highwayscribery surmises that following a series of consecutive and colossal political losses the White House thought a bald measure asserting its independence over foreign policy was in order. A simple and easy victory; the way the White House likes its victories.

All well and good. But what galls highwayscribery is that this escalation of violence is what the White House got out of the 2006 elections. Who does their calculus is anyone's guess, but it's wrong and the administration's disdain for the democratic process and the people it deigns to lead has never been clearer.

We say "out."

They say "in."

We say "out" again.

A bipartisan resolution, albeit nonbinding, would represent a historic rebuke for a president who once ruled as emperor, and would reduce him to the dunce many of us knew he was as long as seven years ago.

Here is what the war has cost us to date.

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