Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bad Aim

Remember November when you voted to run the (r)epublican Party out of Washington D.C and show the (p)resident your middle finger in response to his little war?

Well here's what you got: A (r)epublican party stifling any debate on the war; a (p)residential budget that further cuts any money the government might actually spend on you or your neighbors in exchange for military appropriations that eat up a greater percentage of our shared wealth than the Vietnam War did.

And here's an article in the "New York Times" discussing the Democrats' inability or unwillingness to do anything about it.

It's tough to get through to these people.

the scribe for one is outraged. The Democrats have a majority in both houses and should do away with extending the president's stupid tax cuts.

And as to the war, well they should end it.

There's a lot of money yet to be spent on this ghastly affair, money that will continue rolling into the bank accounts of Bush friends in the death and violence industry.

It's a little hard to tell, from all the way over here, exactly what it's being spent on, but highwayscribery thought this little video from the cockpit of a U.S. fighter jet, recording the accidental killing of a British convoy captain, might shed light on your tax dollars at work.

Note the casual fly-about as these muscleheads look for something to kill, the rudimentary way in which the target is (mistakenly) located. For all our high-tech weaponry, it still takes an old-fashioned pair of good peepers to tell what those "orange things on the flatbeds" are.

We have now been in Iraq longer than both theaters of World War II.

"Ah fuck," says one of the pilots when they realize they've killed a friend. "I'm gonna be sick."

And so are the rest of us.

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