Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Morning, War!

Robert Caldwell has a written a good piece entitled "'Surge' and Strategy," approaching the administration's new military scheme from a nuanced and informed perspective.

Caldwell edits the "San Diego Union-Tribune" Sunday "Insight" opinion section. He is an unabashed supporter of the war. Perhaps on some slow day the scribe will share with you a back-and-forth between us on the eve of the Iraq invasion.

As Bush has imploded, the scribe has mellowed his attacks on Caldwell, and has even found common cause in some of his pieces. the scribe usually comments on those pieces and sometimes Caldwell replies, however briefly.

Here is a letter written this morning in response to his column:


Couldn't agree more. No military scientist, [the scribe]has been mostly right about the war so far. Not that anybody cares or should. That said, [the scribe] thought all this hoo-hah about 21,000 war weary guys getting sent over again was overdone and probably cooked up by a White House looking for an easy political victory. When Clinton was caught with his pants down (!) much was made of his turn to "foreign policy" where he could operate with a freer hand.

[the scribe] must admit, the president's implosion provide [the scribe] with little glee because it came at the cost of so much innocent and good blood. Both his legacy and that of Iraq are real tragedies and the scribe feels the pain as a human; not just a journalist and writer who views politics as a kind of chessboard game.

[the scribe] hopes you're right about the strategy. The market shoppers (little girls, moms, housekeepers) deserve it. [the scribe] suspects if more voices had been heard at the outset of the war, when it was more important, something akin might have been configured and possibly worked.

More than the Kennedy's could have hoped for, the Bush family has had the time to put its politics into place. It is [the scribe's] estimation they have been much better at bombing than building. [the scribe] also thinks a more open and less secretive administration would have brandished better credentials where establishing a (D)emocracy in Iraq was concerned.

You have to love what your selling.

[the highway scribe]

apropos of everything said above, below are two more Iraq casualties recognized by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office:

Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Death of Orange City Soldier

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today released the following statement regarding the death of Chief Warrant Officer Cornell C. Chao of Orange City, CA:

"Chief Warrant Officer Chao valiantly fought for the freedoms that we hold most sacred. His honorable sacrifice is an inspiration to all Californians. Maria and I offer our thoughts and prayers to Cornell's family, friends and fellow soldiers."

Chao, 36, died Jan. 28 as a result of wounds suffered when his helicopter crashed during combat operations in Najaf, Iraq. He was assigned to the 4th Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, TX.

In honor of Chief Warrant Officer Chao, Capitol flags will be flown at half-staff.

Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Death of Sun Valley Soldier

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today released the following statement regarding the death of Spc. Carla J. Stewart of Sun Valley, CA:

"Specialist Stewart will be forever remembered for her brave and selfless service to her country. Maria and I join all Californians in expressing our deepest gratitude for Carla's sacrifice. We offer our sincerest condolences to Carla's family and friends as they mourn the loss of a true hero."

Stewart, 37, died Jan. 28 as a result of injuries suffered when her convoy vehicle rolled over in Tallil, Iraq. She was assigned to the 250th Transportation Company, El Monte, CA.

In honor of Spc. Stewart, Capitol flags will be flown at half-staff.

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