Monday, November 13, 2006

"Washington Post" Global Chat

We did not run an installation of "The Liquid Life" over the weekend because the scribe wanted to be sure his post on the past elections was not missed by visitors to highwayscribery. The novela will return on Friday with a double dollop.

We open the week with the scribe's contribution to the "Washington Post" GlobalChat forum. The morning question was:

After the decisive Democratic election victory, should the U.S. begin withdrawing troops from Iraq now?

By way of background, the GlobalChat folks (David Ignatius, Fareed Zakaria and the always courteous Amar) welcome their "Blogger Advance Team" (in which we are inscribed) to propose potential questions. Six days before the election, the highway scribe proposed, "What message should the world take from the fact American voters put the Democrats in control of both houses of Congrees?"

(toot, toot).

Anyway, here's the answer to their question this morning, in which the scribe eschewed rhetoric for meter.

Cuttin' n' runnin'
cuttin' n' runnin'.
Spend the money here
for a little more funnin'.

We did what we could.
We gave a lot.
It doesn't matter now,
if we stay or not.

The country is broke
the voters have spoke,
"We're not gonna listen
anymore to this dope."

(Do we have to ask this question?)

Click on the talking heads at left to read more of what is shaping up to be a rather one-sided discussion.

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