Friday, November 03, 2006

North Korea redux

Today the highway scribe participated briefly in another "Washington Post" GlobalChat session. Here was the question:

Why did North Korea return to 6-party talks this week? Does this signal China's emergence as regional superpower? Should the world welcome a more active and ambitious China on matters like this?
- David Ignatius & Fareed Zakaria

highwayscribery: Could it be NK like its chances given that the talks' subject will be changed from stopping development of nuclear capacity to abandoning it? Maybe they feel nice and comfy-safe with their bomb. Remember, not everyone views the event of new members joining the nuclear family (he-he) as an implied "threat." Having the power to rearrange someone's topography and diminish their population substantially can truly augment a nation's sense of security. "Sure, you wanna talk? Let's talk!"

Click on the banner with the two talking heads from the "Post" if this topic excites you and enjoy the next installment of "The Liquid Life" this weekend.

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