Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Stuff to Cover!

The press is in a wrist flapping dither over its new plaything Nancy Pelosi, and they aren't playing very nice. Here's Bob Novak with a predicatable trashing.

Another in the "New York Times" has one Republican legislator saying they're all (what's left of them) just giddy over the Dems' "self-destructing."

Republicans see an election and call it self-destruction, except in Iraq, where it truly is.

The press can be forgiven for playing the GOP's tune on this one, it's been a long time since they've covered anything as open and sloppy and exciting as a Democratic party hashing out its leadership.

It's been six long years of pre-fab events with pre-chosen attendants stage-managed by a party that sleeps with its boys and orders everybody to pray.

The Dems, progressives in general, are an open bunch and the fact an election for leadership was "hotly" contested does not make them less of a political party than that dysfunctional family sans facade across the aisle.

Yes Pelosi lost a vote.

Therein the two contrary impulses to American political life represented by one party that follows its leader off a cliff, and the other, which spanks its leader up front and out in the open.

(the scribe borrowed that "wrist flapping dither" line from Jody Powell, former press secretary for President Carter, who was employed as syndicated Op-ed writer in better days for the newspaper business)

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