Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Vedette Does La Danza" Saturday Night

NEW YORK - Here are some photos from Saturday night's performance at Vin Liota's in the financial district of New York City.

"Vedette Does La Danza" was performed before an intimate gathering of 17 people including the scribe's high school Spanish teacher Wallace Sanders, old friends Martin Marmorale and Matt Fraher, plus Matt's wife, and a delightful young woman from Galicia, Spain named Anna Franco. Bill, a friend of Omar's wife's father attended with his friend as did Omar's hosts in New York, Dag and wife. Host Vin Liota was present as were his two teens. The scribe was glad he left some press releases at the Cervantes Institute following the lecture by Francesc Torres ("An Enduring Civil Peace," May 19), because two lovely ladies from the Bronx came as well as the endearing Tibby, a widow whose husband was a member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade all that time ago.

The decoration included our insistent flag of the Spanish Republic and a half circle made of "luminarias" which are naught but brown paper bags with a candle inside, but which do tremendous things to an ambience. Windows were opened on to Greenwich St. and the breeze from New York harbor blew long white curtains on both sides of the performers. For Omar and the scribe, the performance represented our most harmonious effort to date. We are refining and getting better each time.

Tonight, the upper East Side at 66th St.

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