Friday, May 12, 2006

Just What We Needed

As the scribe has warned, just because the (r)epublicans have turned out to be an embarrassment as a governing party and will soon be turned out (?), doesn't mean they won't do more damage before it happens.

To wit: with everything going on in the country and the world, what they came up with is a tax cut.

It's truly the only idea they've ever had, an idea that takes no creativity and is really the antithesis to government. It's also the only thing they are capable of agreeing upon as they go straight to hell.

You can read the article linked above to the "New York Times," but here is the chapter that's important for you to keep in mind as you head to the polls in November:

"The overwhelming share of tax cuts the Senate voted to extend will flow to the wealthiest taxpayers. People earning $1 million a year would save about $42,000, and reap about 22 percent of the total tax cut, according to the Tax Policy Center, a research group in Washington. People earning $40,000 to $50,000 a year would save about $47 and receive less than 1 percent."

So go ahead, vote (r)epublican - it's worth $47 bucks to you.

The vote was party line with 44 Dems in opposition, but where the hell was the filibuster? They should have shut this crap down, but instead leave us with a sneaky feeling of what passes for an opposition having its cake and eating it: helping the rich and corporate contributors they are dependent upon, but sending out the faintest of signals that they were somehow against it.

Senator Max Baucus, a Democrat from Montana, correctly pointed out that, "There is little in this bill to be proud of. Working people have been left behind."

Your government at work.

Call Sen. Bill Frist (r), a hack who thinks he's going to run for president, and tell him what you think of this. (202) 224-3344.


Anonymous said...

Dutiful Scribe,
Apparently a fillibuster is not optional for the Dems, and can be avoided by the (re)publicans if the tax cut is under the total amount of $70 billion. Hence, the Dems were shut down, again. Is this what the framers of the consitution had in mind?

highwayscribery said...

Well there's my answer. Thank you Ebbtide and apologies to our Democratic representatives.

Anonymous said...

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