Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Call the scribe "naco"

Finally a leftist candidate we can trust.

Rich Mexicans, the "Los Angeles Times"
reports, are worried about Revolutionary Democratic Party standard bearer Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“The biggest fear,” writes Hector Tobar, “of many wealthy Mexicans is Lopez Obrador’s vow to toughen tax enforcement to raise the revenue to pay for social programs.”


Disclosure: highwayscribery likes social programs and likes the candidate, warts and all, as you’ll see from these posts: “South of the Border,” May 10; “Lopez Obrador (anew);” July 27, 2005, “Mexico Rising?” April 28, 2005.

Some of the adjectives used to color readers’ impressions of the leftist candidate, a man who departed his job as mayor of the world’s most populous city with an 84 percent approval rating: dangerous Robin Hood, absurd, danger, candidate of social anarchy and collapse, lying oddball, corrupt, manipulator, throwback and...naco.

“In the parlance of the city’s ‘educated society,’ Lopez Obrador and his followers are nacos, a slur meaning ‘rube’ or ‘uncultured’.

“'Only the nacos, the people who are dying of hunger will vote for him, just so they can get everything for free, instead of working to make this country better,' a man who identified himself as Andres Lavoisere wrote on a Mexican blog recently”.

They must have a uniter and not a divider in charge of Mexico, too.

Sure, the words are not, in every instance, the reporter’s and they come from the mouths of those the reporter interviewed, but that’s something of a reporter’s trick.

To wit: I’ll make a story about some people whose opinions I already know - which, of course, is not news at all, since everybody else knows it, too.

According to Tobar, the guy from the right wing party is running ads attacking Lopez Obrador saying he bankrupted Mexico City with expensive public works programs.

Here they bankrupt the city and you get nothing, so turn left my fellow Americans.

The article does everybody a disservice. The rich are not only greedy there, but they are racist, too. Mexico deserves better.

Nacos are going to win and nacos are stupid and ignorant.

Maybe if the other guys paid some taxes the nacos might be educated and absorbed into the dominant creole culture and not be so naco-like anymore.

Silly liberal!

And it’s good to see other countries have irrational scapegoats, too. One thing’s for sure, if the scribe were a naco he wouldn’t vote for the other guy who isn’t a...dangerous Robin Hood, absurd, danger, candidate of social anarchy and collapse, lying oddball, corrupt, manipulator, throwback or...naco.

It’s also good to see that character assassination plays as well across the border as it does here, because the world is getting so darn fair and just that it’s boring and lacks color.

The article doesn’t just shoot down the people who want government to serve as guarantor of equality and justice, it besmirches the whole idea.

And here’s a newsflash, Mexican rich people love their country so much they’ll flee it to avoid taxes. And that’s who you want governing.

Anyway, read the rest of the article and tune in as we seek new pearls both here and across the border relative to the pending Mexican election.


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