Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Minuteman Movement

There’s an interesting, if disturbing, article in the “San Diego-Union Tribune” about the “Minuteman” movement dedicated to doing the U.S. Border Patrol’s job, and you can find it at

The article, by Leslie Berestein, says the “anti-illegal immigration movement has snowballed.”

Of course, with success come complications and folks are fighting over things like nonprofit status for the Minuteman Project, or who gets to use the name, and who should do what, where, and under whose orders...

The scribe says, “give me the Mexicans and show these clowns the door.”

The Border Patrol’s official position is that it does not condone such things and suggests the job should be left to pros. No report as to what if anything they’re doing about it, but one would hope they apply as much verve to sending the ol’ boys home as they do to chasing beaners.

Here’s some good stuff verbatim:

But many agree the international media attention showered on the Minuteman Project, while it energized the anti-illegal immigration movement, has also created a monster of sorts.

“When we left Arizona in April, too many people had seen the glamour,” said Mike Gaddy, who is active in a [splinter] Minuteman group in Farmington, N.M. “‘Gosh, I was on Sean Hannnity. Gosh I was interviewed by The Baltimore Sun. Gosh I was interviewed on Spanish radio.’ egos are a terrible thing.”

the scribe says the monster existed before the media, even if quite so much screen time was inappropriate. And by the way, it may be the scribe’s snooty L.A. attitude surfacing here, but who are these people hanging out with when their idea of “glamour” is appearing with Sean Hannity?

Here’s who:

“The different wannabees want different things, “ said [another ‘minuteman’] “You have different groups that want to go out and be far more militaristic than we are. Outside listening points, sniping points...trip wires, all sorts of things. They feel we are way too politically correct.”

And accountable to no one, the scribe might point out.

So what’s next? Immigrants defense counter-brigades? Union militia like 1930s Europe? ACLU alliances with the Anarchist black block? Agent provocateurs? A goofy governor patrolling la frontera for the American dream in his Humvee?

These cowboys leavin’ the little woman at home and riding around in the desert looking for people with enough problems to begin with are out of time. And that’s why they feel so threatened; their inevitable demise will represent a great leap forward out of native atavism for our people.

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