Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Master of Low Expectations

I don’t know where they find them, these goobers with the same golly-jee Jesus look in the eye and the same haircut that works overtime to look like a toupee.

the scribe hasn’t read any of Justice Roberts’ writings so he can’t comment on all the encomiums regarding his “modernity” and “judiciousness” and other flatteries being slathered across the mainstream media.

He’s probably none of them, and this nomination just another example of how the low expectations Bush (purposely) sets permit him to forward the redneck renaissance raging across America.

Dan Balz at the “Washington Post” praised Bush’s “bold stroke” in coming up with a choice that’s mostly acceptable to everybody. Things have gotten so bad that when the (p)resident actually tries to govern the entire country (rather than his half), everybody goes wango.

And the scribe guesses we should praise the empty heavens W. didn’t pick another wide-eyed, anti-government Christian crusader packaged, stamped, and approved by the Heritage Foundation. Which is probably where Balz was coming from, even though he should be ashamed of writing such ass-trickle.

The Democrats need to take a pass on this one. You can’t filibuster everything and a conservative pick from a conservative (p)resident was to be expected. They won the election. And if they stole it, we let it happen.

And that’s enough commentary from the scribe who is feeling nostalgia for a time when the left in this country wasn’t three million votes short of turning things in a direction of justice, fairness, and peace. So here’s a piece of running dog poetry beneath a picture that conjures up the sense of possibility long since departed from this beleaguered nation of ours.

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