Thursday, July 28, 2005

Featuring Rafael Serrano

Tonight a poem and art by Rafael Serrano. The Cuban-born superstar’s verses are soon to be published by a small press associated with Mandarin Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles. He will also be performing there soon. Stay tuned.

"Spartacus Che"

Night Passage

Enchanted thoughts without reservations and things that wouldn't last yet we love so well.

Accordions without a Tango to play, in spite of those we cherish without shame.

And the night could only exist in your imagination filled with reasons to regret.

I know of no one else predestined to survive in the court of unreasonable justice, presided by buffoons and officers of destiny.

My love fell silent, and my doubts inspired by thinkers with forbidden fruit for inspiration grew louder.

The world as I know it was never the same after asking that question I will never forget and wished I'd never asked.

Rafael Serrano
July 2005

And on a political note, the scribe's correspondent to the Animal Kingdom would like you to know that the big new energy bill sailing its way through the U.S. Congress includes a provision for "seismic testing" along the country's entire coastline to find more gas and oil. The good people at Greenpeace assure us that this is deadly medicine for whales, dolphins and other underwater fauna that depend on their hearing or sonar guidance for survival. Nothing on this scale has ever been done before and the threat to wildlife is catastrophic.

And that doesn't take into account what happens where and when they find the riches so desired.

We here at highwayscribery find it unacceptable that what little wildness there is left in the world should be further sacrificed so that a spoiled people can sit their fat asses in sports utility vehicles. The Bush administration has long sold a soft soap that things in this country don't have to change, that resources are infinite, and that we can continue the gluttony we are despised the world over for.

We can't.

Click here if you'd like to help fight this battle:

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