Monday, May 07, 2007

More Protection and Service

the highway scribe's post, "To Protect and Serve," was picked up by "L.A. Observed" last week and the blog enjoyed an uncommonly healthy stream of visitors.

Meanwhile, the debate has raged on in Los Angeles.

One of the primary arguments is that "these people" [the demonstrators] have no right to be here in the first place, ergo, the police cannot be accused of wrongdoing.

By way of example, read the comment under that post for a bit of Latino on Latino xenophobia.

The immigration issue is not a big one here at highwayscribery and we explained, in that post, how our main concern was with police abuse, which we think is never acceptable, even if the protestors are from Mars.

But that's just our own unique anarcho-syndical perspective.

We received, over the weekend, this video.

It is done by an intelligent and articulate citizen journalist and his cameraman. Not too close to the action, it documents some of the outrage, fear, frustration, and viewpoints of those who came to demonstrate and wound up being shot at.

It provides a top-notch rendering of the disorder created by the police force, because a handful of crazy youths "provoked" them.

If you can make it all the way through, you'll get to a precious moment when the journalist espies one cop pointing directly at he and his cameraman while the cop next to him is taking dead aim at the pair with one of those "non-lethal" rubber bullet guns they use on people who aren't doing anything wrong.

Unprovoked targeting the media.

That's what we can't stand.

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