Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just Checking In

Halcyon Days for highwayscribery with triple the number of people stopping by in the past week or two. Alas, the scribe is closing in on vacation and trying to do everything he would otherwise do during that timespan, before it happens. So that, coupled with general fatigue, means there will be less posting until after the Mexican adventure.

Just when people started getting interested (which isn't nearly as important as the Mexican adventure).

Yesterday, May 14, the scribe and Omar Torrez taped a full 40 minutes with Karyn Foley from Friends of the Calabasas Library and her television crew at the, well, Calabasas Library. We did six pieces, four from "Vedette" and two flamenco variations from Omar. The set was much different from that used last year during the New York tour, with three new pieces.

We will be doing another event with Ghetto Gourmet at a Spanish Villa in the Hollywood Hills June 16. If you click around on their Web site you might figure out how to get in.

Anyway, the scribe is off to San Diego on assignment and will possibly used the quiet of his hotel room to generate a little...highwayscribery.

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