Monday, September 18, 2006

Wiretapping etc.

(p)resident Bush held a press conference on Friday during which he showed just how out of his depth he is in the job.

He was clearly stewing over the fact that Colin Powell had put the screws to him by coming out against his beloved torture bill, but unlike men of greater gauge and talent, he couldn't conceal his anger nor find the proper outlet for it.

So he took it out on the media, almost yelling and most definitely berating, going into his usual bit about how only he knows what it takes to protect Americans and suggesting that those who disagree are drawing parallels between the morality of Al-Qaeda and that of the American people.

And if you had a hard time following that reasoning, don't worry you're not alone.

Meantime, he's trying to get a law passed making his illegal wiretapping proposal legal.

MoveOn is circulating a petition.

Their presentation can be a little over the top, and sometimes they ape the worst of Karl Rove's tactics and language manipulation, but this one is worth signing.

The "Los Angeles Times" ran an article today entitled, "Head in the Sand Liberals" that's interesting.

Sam Harris basicly states that, even though he's a liberal, he has to admit people on the American progressive front are soft on terrorism and don't understand the severity of threat from radical Islam.

There is, from the scribe's perspective, no doubt about this. After reading about the 2004 murder of Theo Van Gogh in Holland -- in reviews for a new book out about the battle as it plays out in Holland -- the scribe is convinced that something terrible is truly afoot.

You ask, "What took you so long scribe?"

The answer can be found in the piece as well where Harris notes liberals are so blinded by their hatred for George W. Bush that they refuse to see the larger picture and accept the conflict at hand.

True, but who's fault?

The (r)epublicans have used the war to divide the country and to make hay at election time, insisting they be rallied around, and arguing that other matters of national import can be put off until a much later time.

And so we are stuck in the position of having to hope the (p)resident's war goes poorly so that his party will have nothing to campaign on and no success to validate it Otherwise we will never see health care, infrastructural invesments, and an improvement in the lot of those least fortunate among us.


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