Tuesday, September 19, 2006


You'll note we have linked to the "Washington Post" global chat blog. They contacted highwayscribery and asked if we'd be one of their GlobalMaven "advance blogging team." We said yes without being clear on what that meant, largely because it's the "Washington Post." Nor did we ask why just in case they were making a mistake and really wanted some other blog's input.

We weighed in today for the first time on the issue of whether the Pope's apology to Muslims was sufficient and necessary. Here is the scribe's response.

But you should go to the blog and encourage their efforts to democratize journalism and take the measure of real people out there globally chatting (as it were).

To make room we moved out the "Save the Internet" coalition button because it would appear the big telecommunications bill will not be passed by Congress this year. So we're all equal in cyberspace for another 12 months, thank heavens.

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