Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Here is another poem from the WriteGirl compilation, "Nothing Held Back." This is not written by one of the WriteGirls, but by one of the professional mentors who sign on to give 'em that important push, and with whom they share an editorial space. Her name is Marietta Putignano, and she must be over 23 (the cut-off for women) because her age is not listed.

It is simple and straightforward and almost too powerful to bear. the scribe would like to dedicate it to Glenn Totten.


If only I could take away your pain
as I watch you struggle
oxygen, painkillers, pumps
The disease courses through you like a thief
stealing your strength, but not your will
Your delicate skin aches with every touch
gentle eyes heavy with medicated slumber
The amber desert shines outside your window,
pink hyacinth blooms abundantly,
We gather together as much for you as for each other
surrounding you like a fortress
your spirit fights as you drift out to sea
only to float back to the safety of the shore
every smile a gift, every wink a priceless treasure
The stillness comes, the promise of peace
your soul soaring, singing the aria of your life
If only I could wake you
with my love

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