Wednesday, August 30, 2006

As was to be feared or expected, the electoral/judicial panel decided there was no visible corruption or vote tampering down in Mexico.

The upshot is we get another puppet of the rich and more immigrants coming north, no matter how dangerous the circumstances, because they can’t get a fair shake in their own country.

The campaign by establishment and conservative forces both inside and outside the country has been textbook with the right wing Calderon talking a lot about the rule of law and Presidente Fox preempting the election panel’s decision by using his bullypulpit to declare the guy from his party the winner.

The press campaign in the exterior has been just as shameful with the “New York Times” and the “Los Angeles Times” defaming the guy standing up for the right of his people to have, not only their votes counted, but their lives improved by a fair and equitable distribution of Mexico’s wealth.

Almost alone stands highwayscribery, doing what it can to provide you with the “other” side’s story, because we stand, first and foremost, for the other side.

Here’s a little translation from an article in Mexico’s "La Jornada."

The headline notes that the Revolutionary Democratic Party’s candidate, AndrĂ©s Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), accused the current ruling party National Action Party (PAN) and other establishment elements of “using racism to discredit our ongoing resistance" to the usual swindle that passes for an election in Mexico City.

Lopez Obrador was in the state of Tabasco to help the gubernatorial candidate of his party, who is about to fall before a cynical pact of the old and corrupt Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI) and the new and corrupt, PAN.

Cynical because just six years ago, Fox and his PAN were heaping all manner of deserved invective upon the PRI, which had discredited itself with seven or so decades of “soft dictatorship” and the occasional massacre of rebellious students.

The two parties are also forming a coalition in the Congress to lock AMLO’s party out of important functions and committees. The left wing is calling this coalition "PRIAN," which is funny if you're attuned to Latin sensibilities.

AMLO is calling them a “gang of rufians” who robbed the presidential elections “cleanly” won by his own Coalition for the Good of All, “because they want a puppet in the presidency so that they can continue control of the nation’s wealth...”

The same forces, he said, are using racism to disqualify his efforts towards a more transparent democracy. “They think they are the blue bloods and we’re the rabble, the nacos. I’m proud to represent the humble, the poor people of Mexico.”

Rotten bastard. The “Times” papers are right. Mexico needs to MOVE ON from this guy.

AMLO again characterized Fox as a traitor to democracy and promised he wouldn’t get away with his attempt at imposing an illegal president supported by “false institutions of lies.”

“I’m reading that the panel’s decision was a terrible ‘blow’ to us. Do you know how we are the next day? Very well, very well indeed and we will continue our fight, happen what happens. We are not standing here with our arms crossed, we won’t sell off or negotiate away the will of the Mexican people.”

(Al Gore and John Kerry take note)

He continued his tour through Tabasco offering mild variations on this theme: “We have to do away with the reigning corruption, the eternal corruption, that every three or six years elevates new groupings of the rich, of people who come to public office with the sole purpose of robbing money from the national budget. This is what moves us to continue our movement and fight until the last moments of our lives. We will continue this movement, of which we should be very proud because the truth is, we are making history."

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