Sunday, November 13, 2005

Out of Time

The (p)resident cheated last Friday by taking advantage of the silence and respect reserved for veterans of foreign wars to grab some easy headlines.

Perhaps the White House thinks it pulled something off by getting the Friday on-liners and Saturday print editions to detail w.’s “forceful” defense of “his” war.

the scribe would suggest there was a time the [p]resident could accuse people who opposed him of aiding and abetting “the terrorists,” but that it has passed.

At one time he was isolating a “far left” of loonies and Dead Heads. Now he is barking at three-quarters of the country.

And nobody believes him anymore.

(and chalk one up for the far left)

You may or may not have heard that the (r)epublicans cannot come up with a majority of themselves to pass a budget with national priorities for our near future. Some moderates, it would seem have jumped ship, while the Democrats have held firm.

That’s something like an opposition.

“The Washington Post” reported that even after convincing the Jesus caucus to surrender for another year its cherished dream of pounding another hole in the virgin world (Arctic Natural Wildlife Reserve), some moderate republicans still wanted more.

They thought the plan went way too far in terms of cutting money for the tracking down of deadbeat dads, foods stamps, and other programs with humane ends that actually work.

All of this on the backs of Katrina, which CANNOT be paid for by a tax increase on, let’s say, windfall oil and gasoline profits.

“No can do,” said the moxy moderates (moximods) and so today, Monday, they’ll all get out their knifes and make further mush out what should be an easy peach pie to parcel.

In the Senate, Maine’s Olympia Snowe, Republican, joined Democrats in canning another of these attempts to extend who knows what set of tax cuts another year. She said the breaks were designed to mostly benefit the rich and that, “We’ve had three hurricanes for heaven’s sake,” (or something to that effect).

Here’s her number (202) 224-5344 just in case someone wants to call her and say, “That was extremely cool, Olympia.”

Here’s what the official geniuses had to say: “The twin setbacks added to growing signs that the [r]epublican party’s typically lock-step [goose-step] discipline is cracking under the weight of Bush’s plummeting approval ratings, Tuesday’s electoral defeats and the increasing discontent of the American electorate. After five years of remarkable unity under Bush’s gaze, divisions between [r]epublican moderates and conservatives are threatening to paralyze the party.”

Omar Torrez in “Hold On” does a rap with this riff:

“I say it’s self-evident
that our president
is not Superman in cape
he’s not a cowboy,
he’s an ape.”


and the scribe says there is NOTHING like plummeting approval ratings.

Omar and the scribe will present some passages from the scribe's alter ego's novel, "Vedette or Conversations with the Flamenco Shadows," at 33 1/3 Books & Gallery Collective on Dec. 15 at 8 p.m. Sunset and Alvarado, Los Angeles.


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