Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Big Night

“Bicoastal Bad Night for Republicans” was the headline which immediately caught the scribe’s eye, blaring as it was from the Yahoo/SBC home page that pops up when he first logs on.

Oh but life can be sweet in its unpredictability.

The year 2003, when Arnold Schwarzenegger rode into office on a wave of particularly bad judgement on the part of Californians, who have an understandable weakness where movies are concerned, was a big (r)epublican year.

They could come in, pay people to gather petitions invalidating an election that had just happened, surround the big dolt with political deadwood like former Secretary of State George Schultz, and take over the top job in a Democratic state.

One year later, Schwarzenegger was joining (p)resident Bush in Ohio just before the campaign closed and, perhaps, helping him carry the decisive state. And that was a truly (r)epublican moment, too

The last.

W. and Arnold argued over the donors here in California when each really could have used a hand from the other, and now nobody wants to help either of them.

Two Democratic governors re-elected and four Schwarzenegger-drafted propositions bit the dust. That’s what you call a sweep and there’s more to come.

We stopped attacking Schwarzenegger on this Web log a long time ago. His boorish, egotistical demeanor made it quite clear to Californians that they’d purchased a white elephant, and the union movement (which has just racked up a major victory) recognized an amateur at the helm.

They proceeded to clean his political clock.

So we let him continue shooting himself in the foot; calling the legislators he needed to make law “girlie men,” and boasting to people that he was always kicking the nurse’s asses.

Which, by the way, ought to give all of you outliers an idea of how pleasant it is to work in the film game.

Now the (p)resident’s dead in the water, his team of crack fascists seemingly asleep at the wheel in crisis after political crisis. And he’s just in the first quarter of his second term. This can get pretty ugly and there’s lots of time for redress.


Yes, but more of a shame. And what an embarrassment for the whole country. What will Rush Limbaugh have to say tomorrow? the scribe can’t say, but he can predict with relative accuracy that less people will be taking him seriously.

Meanwhile, a silly lady who blogs for “The Washington Post” (a hybrid the scribe has yet to fully comprehend) spent her precious time in the spotlight attacking John Kerry over an e-mail he sent her. It’s the kind we often comment on here at highwayscribery (“Oil Drilling in Alaska,” Nov. 1).

She was bugged and offered us a black hole of insight by pointing out that “it’s over” and that Kerry should stop.

We have held forth regarding this topic on numerous occasions and immediately fired off a comment post pointing out that the American habit of relegating good political stock to the compost pile because an election has been lost is most wasteful. Sometimes (we argued), the guys who have been to the summit and see how the big race is won, may be the best to lead the opposition.

It was the scribe’s hope, in pre-highwayscribery days that Kerry would be elected Senate minority leader, but we got Harry Reid.

Okay, that shutting down the Senate thing was pretty cagey.

Most of the people who posted seemed to agree, if on different grounds, that Kerry has the right to send out e-mails to former supporters informing them on the important issues of the day and that if little blogger lady didn’t like it, she could delete, the way we all do.

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