Friday, September 23, 2005

The Animals

Fears of West Nile Virus in the wake of Katrina evaporated when it was realized that the hurricane had scraped the landscape of birds to carry it.

An environmentalist and journalist spot a swamp gator five miles out over the gulf. Factory farm animals, cooped-up and immobile are wiped out.

It has been suggested that many stayed behind to wait out the storm, not because they did not have the money to leave, but sometimes to stay with their pets.

Now, in the exodus from Houston, pets are allowed, recognized by the force of the love behind them, into the American family.

The story of Katrina was the story of all living and dying things.

And there were good chapters to the unfolding story. The Humane Society of the United States actually beat FEMA into the region. Ready with a plan they began to rescue and place animals that would otherwise have died.

Here are some photos from the rescues and a request for money to keep them going:

Here is lightning strike campaign they are launching that urges (p)resident Bush to come up with the money needed to save the animals still remaining, and close to death. Here are some contacts they are urging you to call:

Along with the undeniable and disarming generosity towards the New Orleans community, Americans have shown a unique understanding and ability to connect with animals that puts the lie to portraits of an insensitive and selfish people.

Although we have our moments.

And the media has shown a good eye in capturing the animals’ suffering and heroism. Eye upon a national sentiment when it comes to sentient beings.

(Although they definitely have their moments.)

We feel and empathize and suffer. The battle is over whether to expand our capacity or diminish it.

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