Monday, September 05, 2005

Account Balance

We’re glad to announce that after seven months highwayscribery has a nice readership and the beginnings of a dialogue with those readers. Our unique brand of liberal/litero mixtification has its fans and, here at the blog, management, editorial, and production have hit a nice stride fueled entirely by fun and all the wonderful and truly amazing feats that can be achieved with this gosh-darned Internet thing.

Slowly but surely, in that weird spider-web-like way The Net works, folks from the most unexpected places have tuned in and dropped out. We enjoy get attenton from some of the country's brightestlights and some of the scribe's most cherished low-life friends. For the scribe himself it’s an amazing thing to be able to let it rip over a keyboard with no hindrance other than the internal editor and to access people, their clubs, their chats, and e-mails.

We have stuck with a regular formula of political rants, poems by the scribe and/or others, an occasional poetry analysis, the odd piece of pure prose, and weekly installations of “The Sidewalk Smokers Club.”

We did not post from “The Sidewalk Smokers Club” this week to take advantage of traffic stemming from a link on “The Elegant Variation” site to our Bret Easton Ellis report ("Rich Man, Regular Man," Aug. 28), by running anew a review of the scribe’s novel, “Vedette”, with an eye to selling a few books (see button to the left). “The Smokers” will return this weekend.

Tonight we’re going to post on the front page, an earlier post to “Thou Shall Not Kill...” (Aug. 24) by Darren who writes very well and “gets it,” as they say in Hollywood, where highwayscribery is concerned:

“Hey scribe.... we didn't have tv for 8 months.... (snow storm knocked the dish off the barn last Jan.) and so finally a couple a weeks back we get an appt. with another company and they hook up a new sat. dish (and I was happy with out TV but my wife likes "Lost" & maybe the Jets can do something this season) so the first night about 10:30 pm or so I figure.. O.K. lets take a look...and I turn on tv to a news show.. with a little Alfred E. Newman guy... doing the news.... and he looks sorta like a cross between George Bush & Ted Koppel... I couldn’t quite place him.... and there is a big 700 behind him... I wasn't sure what show it was but it seemed like the news & then he starts talking about how we should assassinate a foreign leader and I said to myself.. "wow tv has changed alot in 8 months..."


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