Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Ultimate Sacrifice

the scribe is bloggin’ tonight folks and throughout the week. Blaaaaahgin! Sometimes you want to do this, sometimes you don’t. That’s bloggin’. And the more you do the more you penetrate the system of flows and the more hits you get. And sometimes you go away for three days and get more hits than ever before. And then you write for two hours and get no visits after posting.

We’ve adopted the relaxed time schedule of others in this nascent craft. People do not come to highwayscribery every morning. Rather they drop in now and again and scroll and click around a while. And that makes life a lot easier on the scribe. If you blog every day, you’re saying something has happened every day, but not if you’re the highway scribe.

It has been brought to the scribe’s attention his claim to being a commercial-free enterprise looks less than authentic given those two ads from “Google Sense” to the left. Let’s be clear. That 13 cents is going to charity.

John Kerry is still sending out his e-mails. We here at highwayscribery have always had a warm place in our heart for the senator and have thrown the full force of our machinery behind his bid to lead a spirited opposition. It does not appear to be having much resonance.

But he tried. And he still has blogging potential.

According to his Aug. 8 missive the (r)epublicans realize they, “have their backs to the political wall.”

The Gop had a meeting in Pittsburgh and, according to Kerry, the close call for a (r)epublican candidate in a (r)epublican congressional district in Ohio running against a Democrat who ran around insulting the (p)resident stunned the assembled.

“Republican operatives laughed about how easily they could defend this district until Ohio voters shocked them and sent a clear signal of what 2006 holds.”

Which might be true if they didn’t have all the money and all the power. Democrats are obliged to see victories in close defeats although they’re not at all the same. The election in question involved an Iraq war vet who campaigned on how much more manly he was than the Bush surrogate/opponent (who was a woman).

There aren’t nearly enough like men in the party rank-and-file to carry a national election. Enough with the veterans. It doesn’t offer an alternative to what’s going on.

Here are two men who did not get to be veterans. We run these statements as they are put out by the governor’s office and they say many, many things all on their own.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today released the following statement regarding the death of Gunnery Sgt. Theodore Clark Jr., of Emporia, VA:

“Serving in the armed forces is a noble calling with grave risks. Maria and I join Theodore’s family and friends in mourning the loss of a Marine who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving his country.”

Clark, 31, died Aug. 4 when his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations near Gardez, Afghanistan. He was assigned to the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, CA.

In honor of Clark, Capitol flags will be flown at half-staff.

And also;

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today released the following statement regarding the death of Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas C. Hull of Princeton, IL.

“Petty Officer committed his life to protecting our freedoms and our country and state are indebted to him for his service. Maria and I sent our heartfelt sympathies to Thomas’ family during this painful time.”

Hull, 41, died Aug. 2 on board the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in the Arabian Gulf after being medically evacuated to carrier for a non-combat related incident. He was an operations specialist assigned to the USS Princeton, homeported in San Diego, CA

In honor of Hull, Capitol flags will be flown at half-staff.

If it doesn’t stop, the war will catch up to you. It can even make a happy place like highwayscribery a house of death.

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