Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the scribe has two “real stories” to file today that will go a long way toward covering the luxurious life he leads when not staring at a computer screen, but the “The Washington Post” reports that, “President’s Poll Rating Falls to a New Low,” and the matter must be addressed, now.

No need to paraphrase here. The word’s are too delicious in their unanalyzed, unfettered form:

“Rising gas prices and ongoing bloodshed in Iraq continue to take their toll on [p]resident Bush, whose standing with the public has sunk to an all-time low, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll.”

So who will he invade next? No one, because there are no my toy soldiers at (w)’s disposal.

The article goes into the usual business about the war, the WAR ON TERROR, and other familiar strophes our most visible and well compensate journalists are prone to, but the scribe has his own thoughts.

Bush, by the way, has a 45 percent approval rating, which doesn’t sound too bad until you pile on the fact that the disapproval rating is 53 percent.

But here’s another number from a “New York Times” article published Aug. 30. “The U.S. poverty rate rose in 2004 for the fourth year in a row, driven by an increase in poor whites, the government said on Tuesday in a report that White House critics called proof the economic recovery has bypassed most Americans.”

Well there’s a surprise. The White House’s gambit that shoveling wealth upwards would lead do a downward rush of crumbs for those it ignores turned out to be wrong, just as the underlying theory had been proven wrong back in, oh, the 1930s.

And that “poor whites” figure is really bad news for the (r)epublicans, because wrapping themselves in a flag and attending NASCAR events has been a primary political strategy for 20 years now. Even happy Christian Patriots need jobs and money and one has to wonder when the “cultural” concerns of heartlanders will begin to take a back seat to other issues like...

“What may have pushed Bush’s overall ratings down in the latest poll is pervasive dissatisfaction over soaring gasoline prices. Two-thirds of those surveyed said gas prices are causing financial hardship to them or their families.”

And there’s a lesson to both Bush and his pick-up driving supporters: Live by the combustion engine, die by the combustion engine, dunderheads.

What about in the Blue States? Well, our antipathy toward (w) has beenn well-documented in those unfortunate quadrennial convocations we conduct called national elections.

What’s behind it?

Well, by way of example, here’s another article from the Aug. 30 “Washington Post” (all of this in one day!) with a headline that reads, “New Rules Could Allow Power Plants to Pollute More.”

Now see, there’s a law we can all warm up to: Something that allows us to breathe more “harmful pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.”

Since those of us out on the coasts and in the industrial rust belt don’t measure our leaders by the depth of their “faith,” stuff like this really gets under our craw, because we don’t send people to Washington D.C. with license to authorize our death by carcinogen.

Bush is taking it every which way, because he’s blown it every which way, but the root of all this, truly, is that Bush has a problem with the ladies.

Yes, friends, the ladies: Cindy and Katrina.

Bush and his acolytes at Fox News spent a lot of time trying to portray a grief-stricken mom whose son died at war as a bitch, but it didn’t stick and Vacation Boy’s long layoff down in Crawford was cast in a very poor light.

But Cindy was no bitch. We know that now that Katrina has ruined the only city we had that was not corporatized, sanitized and cauterized by Christian crusaders: New Orleans.

Now that’s a bitch, but Bush, true to family tradition was very conservative with his compassion on Sunday and Monday (see photo above) as the suffering of his “fellow Americans” hit stratospheric heights.

Now he’s finally calling it quits on the vacation.

It’s about time and he should never take another five-week break until he’s sure everyone else in the country enjoys the same.

The time has come. The frat boy is finally sweating something: the possibility of a disastrous presidency before the eyes of history.

And that is a very good thing.

Our presidents are not better than us, blue blood boy. They’re equal to us and you’ll get the picture as your stature continues to drop the many pegs your poor planning and arrogance have sowed the seeds for.

This is what happens when you spend more time managing message than managing the country.

The truth catches up and then bypasses the pictures you’re concocting.

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