Monday, June 13, 2005

Until Next Week.

Okay folks, the scribe is out of here for a seven-day break in Los Cabos, Mexico where the agenda is completely empty save for swimming, sunning, and reading. Not that anyone should care, but the reading list will include Giuseppe de Lampedusa’s “The Leopard” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ “Chronicle of Death Awaited.”

And speaking of Marquez, the scribe would like to alert you to a special edition of a Web site called MARGIN, which is dedicated to the literary stye/form known as magical realism. It’s located at and is very well tended to by an editor and writer from Washington state.

On June 15 MARGIN will publish a special issue on magical realism in Iberia. the scribe’s “Vedette” will go in for some special treatment. the scribe has also added a review of Camilo Jose Cela’s “The Family of Pascual Duarte” to the effort.

But here’s the editor Tamara Kaye Sellman’s verbatim invitation: “Come witness a Quixote resurrection on June 15, 2005 when we release our latest special theme, ‘Resurectting Quixote: Magical Realism from the Iberian Peninsula.’ Featuring Cervantes’ Knight Errant, of course, as well as Pedro Antonio Alarcon, Antonio Lobo Atunes, Camilo Jose Cela, Paulo Coehlo, Paulo da Costa, Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Perez Estrada, Frank X. Gaspar, Rafael Guillen, Maria Lemus, Federico Garcia Lorca, John Medeiros, Fernando Pessoa, Carlos Reyes, Jose Saramago, Stephen Siciliano, Katherine Vaz, and a host of others, plus a tour of Cervantes’ hometown, a special tribute section and links to dreaming the impossible dream.”

Until next week. Signing off.

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