Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Flotsam and Then Some

the scribe is back from a week of rest and relaxation, ready to blog, wax poetic, novelize and generally wreak whatever havoc this bit of technology at his disposal will permit.

By the way, if you haven’t had a vacation, you should get one. There’s no substitute for cooling your burners and actually living with full enjoyment and pleasure as ultimate objectives.

A lot more articles about Bush being toast are circulating out there. After a while it takes more than intimidation of reporters, a few “upbeat” press conferences, and cynical stage management to fool people a people who are paying out the nose for gas and interminable war while working more than the citizens of any other western democracy.

Yesterday the Democrats grabbed themselves down there and were surprised to find something. They canned any vote on Big Bully Bolton, our nominee for United States Ambassador to the United Nations, until the White House ponies up some documents that would not only taint their boy, but their Iraq policy as well.

And as we know, the White House doesn’t play pony-up. So it’s not looking too good for the abuser of underlings and, aside from the relief it means for the U.N., maybe some of our many egotistical heads-of-company, both small and large, will learn a lesson too: Those are human beings working for you.

Bush said something like, “The American people know I tapped John Bolton because the U.N. needs reform and he’s the man for the job.”

the scribe thought Bolton was nominated to be an ambassador and not an administrator. You see, it’s the latter that does reforming. The former works to painstakingly follow the ever-evolving and strange rules of relations between countries grounded mostly in– and this is crucial – manners.

Bolton has none and neither does the Bush administration, so screw them both.

Which is what the Democrats did.

On the other hand, it’s looking a bit too late. Where was that cohesiveness before we committed the lives of 1,700 (and counting) Americans and endless billions to Iraq? Where was it during the first-term tax giveaways to the rich, which essentially bankrupted the federal government. Where was it when “No Child Left Behind” was passed in a gauzy haze of bipartisanship?

Where the hell was it?

Now that the country’s broke, overtime rules are weakened, and everything we consume is made in China, Bush can go back to the ranch and work on his memoirs and his library and all the other useless things ex-presidents (except for Jimmy Carter) do.

But wait. Some wacky Dems in the House ‘o Representatives are making a big deal about that “Downing Street memo” thing; you know about it from your daily dose of highwayscribery (“Things You Don’t Know a Lot About,” May 17).

Here’s a link that gets you some info on what they’re up to and a letter these well-meaning characters have sent on to the (p)resident. Some think misleading the American people into a deadly morass is an impeachable offense. Not quite so dangerous as a blow job, but impeachable, nonetheless.

Maybe we can send W. back to his Crawford shithole in shame.

If he has any.

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