Monday, October 08, 2012


This Spring, the highway scribe was hired by photographer Frank Bruynbroek to organize and put into prose his conversations with celebrities and notables who owned rescued dogs.

Among them were: Kim Basinger, Diane Keaton, Jackie Chan, Dr. Jane Goodall, Tony LaRussa, Brigitte Bardot, Emmylou Harris, Ryan Murphy, Josh Duhamel, and Gene Simmons (to name a few).

These interviews are draped around a collection of Frank's evocative portraits of rescued dogs, such as the one posted here.

The book's coming out shortly and Frank has created a Web portal for this coffee table concoction entitled, "Compawssion."

Please visit if you care about animals and their welfare. It's all, as far as the scribe can tell, for a great and good cause.

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