Sunday, June 01, 2008

Flashflood Love by the highway scribe

distant and threatening
promise and bubbling
the soul is a stretch, dry
before you it lies
race, spill, thrill
you fill it
rushing emotions hither
moistening, enriching, widening, deepening
you hurry stick and stone
into this heart chasm
pricking and wounding
washing with windswirls
and swells
whirlpooling sadness, joy, wonder
onward pushing the course, cleansing
horsepower force, a giant blunder
running, fleeing,
threatening tributaries
in your wake
a bed of rubble
asunder gone under
alone, a mudcake
higher and dryer and
you are gone
a once wild river
now a waterfall
next a thread of stream
that is all
a trickle of sun gleam
a shadow of wet sliver
two drops of amber eye
wicked little glimmer
a wafting of whispermist
a sigh
my love a thundering memory
my flashflood

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