Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An (O)balmy Day

In "End Game," posted on Monday, highwayscribery predicted the nasty atmosphere on the Web and at the Texas Democratic Convention, coupled with Sen. Hillary Clinton's vow to go the distance would push superdelegates (Sup-Ds) she has been banking on to save her campaign to sink it.

Later that day Sen. Barack Obama received the endorsement of Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar along with a whispery kind of boost from the "Wall Street Journal," which claimed to know about six North Carolina Sup-Ds who would be breaking the Chicago pol's way.

Today Obama picked up two more superdelegates. One was Montana Sen. John Melcher, which was nice since Montana's caucuses are on the horizon.

Hours earlier, the Governor of Wyoming David Freudenthal
lent his voice to the movement.

The latter drives home a point highwayscribery has been making to wishful Clintonistas banking on a superdelegate-in-the-sky rescue. And the point is that superdelegates do not float above the party in some strange ether where the excitement Obama has generated is but a vapor and the Clintons' "real world" approach to politics hold sway.

Superdelegates are, and of, the party. If Obama swept the Wyoming caucuses, what do people think Freudenthal was? Golfing?

We've long held the superdelegates would reflect the general trend in the party toward Obama because, to repeat, they are the party, which the Clintons clearly thought was theirs.

It really was an Obalmy day what with the candidate picking up an endorsement from the local affiliate of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

And that was not before Rep. Lee Hamilton threw his considerable heft the Obama way. Hamilton's not a superdelegate; he's bigger. One of those looming Washington characters considered "grown up" usually called in to clean up big the one Sen. Clinton was threatening.

And...he's from Indiana, which is nice because that primary is on the horizon.

We'd like to spread the good news over the week's full course so there's something to write about, but can't deny a windfall when it happens, which it did with tidings that Clinton's monster lead in the Keystone State
is shrinking, with three weeks of campaigning yet to go.

No wonder husband Bill went ballistic over the Bill Richardson endorsement while up in Northern California.

Seems only yesterday the Clinton campaign was telling everybody the New Mexico governor's currency was about as valuable as a dollar compared to the Euro.

Meanwhile, Katherine Seelye at the "New York Times," has done this
kindly piece about how Hillary Clinton's arguments for staying in the race are good for the Democratic Party, if unlikely to change the downward course of her trajectory.

Hopefully, that's a story the Clintons and the Democratic Party can live with, because we know Obama can.

Can't wait 'til tomorrow.

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