Monday, October 01, 2007

"The Sidewalk Smokers Club" (officially released)

the highway scribe’s book “The Sidewalk Smokers Club” is hereby proclaimed released.

Actually, it has been available for a month or two, but we wanted to wait until everybody was stuck back in their seats after all that summer fun before making the announcement. The premise of “Smokers” is simple enough. Some people who wouldn’t be friends become so because they’re not allowed to smoke inside. Essentially aging urban hipsters, they become involved in each other’s efforts handling the absurdities of modern life most of which you will recognize as your own (hopefully) That’s how the scribe hopefully gets you to relate to them before engaging you on their side in the name of habit you probably consider disgusting.

Anyway, their frequent sidewalk congresses eventually become intertwined with more public crusades so that sidewalk smoking becomes something of a fashion in the unidentified burg where the drama transpires. Eventually, The Smokers are targeted for elimination and bare their teeth in an effort to keep their sidewalk free from regulation. The book tries to address an underappreciated issue - the loss of personal freedoms in the United States and our intolerance of one another’s excesses - with other questions facing most modern societies, always with its tongue in cheek and an eye on a good laugh or insightful tidbit. Get it by clicking on the book cover to the left (under "Vedette") and enjoy!

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