Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sept. 11 (and all that)

You’d never know it given the enthusiasm with which he bitches about the Bush administration, but the highway scribe is absolutely weary of bitching about the Bush administration.

This blog still fulfills its muckraking duties where federal policies are concerned, but increasingly looks to posts on literature and surfing and installations of “The Liquid Life” to inform the highwayscribery nation.

the scribe is absolutely astounded at the persistence of the current thugs lording it over us (and the rest of the world); their indefatigable gusto for destroying the environment, their grim determination to see the Iraq debacle through to, er, um we don’t know where, no matter how many lives, Iraqi or American it takes.

These guys just don’t give up and will never possess the grace of viewing those of us who oppose them as anything but a threat to the national security they themselves have so jeopardized.

And we’re not getting tired of blogging (you’ll see as September heats up) at all when we defer to Shaun Mullen over at Kiko’s House where he’s done an important post as the nation closes in on whatever anniversary of Sept. 11 is coming up.

the highway scribe hates September 11, abhors the maudlin kitsch the patriotic set has made of it, does not think the tragedy should have led our foreign policy where the boy wonder (w.) took it, and thinks somebody should stand up and tell everybody else that the chances of them dying in a terrorist attack are about as likely as winning one of those mega-million, multi-state lottery things.

Yes, supposedly they caught some guys who purportedly were going to blow up some U.S. bases in Germany, which is good a reason as any to get rid of those military outposts, along with the ones in Saudi Arabia.

And if the cop set hadn't done such a good job of protecting all of us semi-law-abiding citizens it might have resulted in DEATH ON AN UNIMAGINABLE SCALE!

But the scribe digresses.

Over at Kiko’s the post entitled “The Tail of the Chimera: A Reflection on the 9/11 Terror Attacks etc.,” takes a long and sad look back at both our pre- and post-9/11 world.

Mullen notes (as the regular press usually chooses not to) that this bunch of power-crazy idiots had ample warning about terrorist activity in the Islamo-Fascist (w. and the scribe agree on that0 world prior to the awful, fateful Monday morning massacre.

Writes the blogger: “I have been reluctant to conclude that they could have, but the growing mountain of evidence showing what key U.S. intelligence operatives, [Condi] Rice and others knew but did not feel compelled to act on has convinced me that there was a reasonable chance that the terrorists could have been intercepted at airports in Boston, Newark and Washington on that deceptively beautiful September morning, if not before.”

Mullen, who does not write from an anarcho-syndicalist perspective, is certainly kinder on this point than the fire-breathing editorial board here at highwayscribery (none of whom are employable at respectable media outlets out there in the real world).

On the other hand (left), we’re lock-step on the question of whether the Iraq war could have been stopped:

“That’s an easy one,” he notes. “With a compliant Congress and somnambulant news media, Bush’s neoconservative coven was going to get a war that they had long lusted for even if it was the wrong place at the wrong time and would divert precious resources from the nascent GWOT in general and Afghanistan in particular.”

1. We’d say the press was guilty of “complicity” rather than sleepwalking. 2. We’re guessing GWOT means Great War on Terror, but will update you upon hearing from the author.

It goes on. Mullen notes that Iraq “and its bloody consequences have brought the Republican hegemony in Washington to a crashing end,” and points out that our post 9/11 America is no more secure than was the earlier version [same folks running it], while suffering, “a gross erosion of civil liberties, including the initiation of clandestine domestic spying programs, as well as the abandonment of international treaties and concomitant embrace of torture.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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