Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peace Walker

The “San Diego Union-Tribune” reported August 21, that Bill McDannell (hat and beard) had finished his 3,185-mile walk from Lakeside, Calif., to Washington D.C.

The purpose of the walk was to draw attention to that hellhole in the Middle East created by our president, which he now would like to compare with Viet Nam (to what end nobody but the White House is quite sure.

Michael Stetz wrote that, “No reporters met him at the end of his quest. No TV cameras were there. Other than the occasional local TV reports and newspaper articles in mostly small town America, he was unable to attract much media attention.”

That’s okay. Small town America is mostly fighting this ghastly affair. In the big cities we oppose wars, police actions and the rest straight away and get into time-honored brawls with the police.

Said McDannell of his tearful, unremarked arrival on the U.S. Capitol, “I didn’t talk like a freak. I didn’t act like a freak. I offered no entertainment value.”

Bill McDannell is a pretty smart guy.

Anwway, highwayscribery is media (of a sort) too, and no one ever visited this Web log for the entertainment value so we’re fanfaring away, beating the drum, yelling out the window and telling the highwayscribery nation, “Bravo for Bill McDannell. He cared when others didn’t. He got off his ass and told thousands of people along the way that the war is wrong, immoral, and cruel. That he led by example.

And for McDannell himself we publish this heartfelt, “Thanks Bill. We don’t deserve you.”

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