Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"No" to the Dems' Brainchild

Sometimes you break ranks. It’s good.

Yesterday, the “New York Times” wrote an article about how the Democrats, with a little help from that fractious GOP clan, were going for a veto override if and when the president put the kibosh on their plan to expand health care coverage for low income children.

The president says the bill is step, “down the path to government-run health care for every American.”

He means it as a threat when millions hope it’s a promise.

So here’s a twist: the highway scribe thinks the president is right to veto the measure, if for all the wrong reasons.

Rather than sell Americans on paying for something they want, the Dems are trying to get smokers to foot for kids health care.

the scribe has a kid. He’d like government health care, but doesn’t think the guy with the nicotine habit should have to foot the bill.

And as the author of “The Sidewalk Smokers Club,” and a fierce opponent of targeting certain groups for punishment and special taxation, the scribe says “pooh” to the Democrats and their idea for furthering the ostracizing of puffers in our society.

We line up here with the Democrats on most occasions, but we are anarcho-syndicalist in bent and tend to part ways with them on nanny-state issues and on humdingers like the Department of Homeland Security, which was their idea first.

We wish the Democrats weren’t so corporate, not in their fundraising, but in the way the organize government relief around such large and impersonal civic structures.

We think the conservatives are right when they say liberals, reaching for smoke bans everywhere, think they know what’s good for all us, and invite themselves into lives that do not welcome their input.

And we like Nancy Pelosi a lot, but didn’t go in for her banning the smoking patio at the House of Representatives, because we put her there to cut funds to the troops and bring them home from war.

Everybody needs to pay for social programs that expand medical care to children; not just the bad people.

We need the bad people. They remind us what’s good. And they remind us of who the whole concept of rights really applies to.

Of course, finally they are going to override the president’s veto, something we’ve always wanted to see at highwayscribery.

They’re just doing it when we’re not on board.

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