Sunday, June 11, 2006

And Nooooow...Asymmetrical Warfare!

Three detainees at Guantánamo Base in Cuba committed suicide a couple of days ago. The U.S. Government’s response was to call the self-inflicted deaths something like, “acts of violence in an asymmetrical war against us.”

How convenient.

No really, how convenient. It will be a better world now that these guys can take it to us without killing anybody. Suicide without the bombs.

“Hey scribe, some guy hates your blog, so he killed himself. Take that!”


And what on earth is “asymmetrical” war anyway? As far as the staff at highwayscribery can discern, that’s when a guy with no weapons, who walks around in irons and an orange jumpsuit wondering what happened to his family, kills himself.

See the asymmetry?

It has got to be tough flacking for the Bush administration, given the boldface lie, the Orwellian nuance, daily hurled at a thoroughly unbelieving country and world.

How dare they?

The U.S government runs a dragnet across the Afghani landscape and other selective locales, arresting people without charges, throwing them into what Amnesty International has called a gulag, letting them sit there for five years without telling them why, without providing any legal representation, and without permitting the slightest communication with their families, and then accuses them of violence when they can no longer stand the psychological torture and end their thankless lives.

We are, of course, expected to believe these are terrorists of the worst kind, in the same way we were supposed to believe a mushroom cloud was soon to blossom over an American city of Saddam Hussein’s choosing: without proof, without evidence, without a legal process of discovery, with only the blatant and constantly stoked fear of ANOTHER 9/11.

This is dictatorial, barely discriminate state killing, and you cannot preach democracy (and expect people to believe it) when you are practicing the exact opposite.


Stefanie said...

The government's attempts to deflect accusations that the suicides could possibly have anything to with the treatment of the people held at Gitmo is ridiculous. I don't have a lot of faith in the public's intelligence sometimes, but I can't believe people are that stupid that anyone will believe the government for a second.

highwayscribery said...

They are that stupid. It hurts to admit it when you care about them.

Stefanie said...

That makes me sad

highwayscribery said...

In "Vedette", once the forces of reaction have somewhat recuperated from their town having been taken over by utopians, they launch a campaign based upon the premise that, "sad things should be allowed to happen."

highwayscribery said...

And then Vedette's federation responds with a resounding chant to be yelled in the streets and painted on their walls..."Outlaw Sadness!"