Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Little Common Censure

Russ Feingold, the Democratic senator from Wisconsin, is calling for a censure of President Bush over his illegal wiretapping of American citizens. Here’s a piece from Shailagh Murray at the “Washington Post.”

Feingold has a mind to run for president in 2008 and this is his way of making a splash with the liberal base of the Democratic Party. Republicans are gaming that he “overplayed” his hand, and Democrats, as usual, are running for cover.

They call this guy a “maverick” Democrat and that’s because he’s really a Democrat who stands up for progressive issues, regardless of how they play in the polls.

Democrats are afraid Americans have bought the administration’s pap about the wiretapping only being done on “terrorists,” which, of course, begs the question how they know who the terrorists really are, and if they do, why they don’t arrest them and send them down to Gitmo for five years of internment without charges (“Gitmo Girl or Lady Lawyer in Yemen,” March 13).

Democrats, naturally, are hiding behind their own failure to call the administration on that particular lie. Of course, their habitual limp-wristedness aside, you have to feel for an opposition trying to keep track of and exploit so many lies.

Hey scribe! Why’s that a lie? If our commander-in-chief is trying to keep these Muslim hordes from “taking us out” (Bill Frist), who are you to question him?

the highway scribe, that's who; fighting for truth, justice and the anarcho-syndical way. A scribe who reads articles like this one about Google
being ordered to hand over its Web search records to the Department of Justice.

Don’t go buying all that stuff about pornography having penetrated the mainstream of pop culture blah, blah, blah when what is still, essentially, John Ashcroft’s Department of Justice is doing the case filings.

This Google case is purportedly about child pornography, which the scribe and all red-blooded Americans are opposed to, just as they are to “terrorists,” so long as they are not considered as such themselves, simply because they are “against” the administration, and definitely not “with” the administration.

And your guess is as good as the scribe’s regarding how they determine and sort such things out when looking into traffic on 50,000 Web sites.

But back to Feingold. Here’s some stuff from Murray’s article: “Feingold, 53, says he is convinced that Bush broke the law ordering National Security Agency wiretaps of overseas telephone calls and e-mails of U.S. citizens that involved people suspected of terrorist activity without first obtaining special court approval, and that his party must take a firm stand in protest. Unless Democrats make the case that they are more trustworthy than [r]epublicans on national security issues, Feingold says, the party cannot win control of the White House or Congress.

“‘We have a great case that they have done a poor job of fighting the war against terrorism,’ Feingold said of the [r]epublicans in an interview yesterday. ‘We need a different strategy, one that shows we stand for something.’”

Hoorah! And why not? Here’s a link to a series of recent polls showing Democrats poised for a sweeping victory in November (scroll down some).
Now’s not the time to be timid.

Of course, the scribe is a Bolshevik-like character playing at gameboard politics and the real goal is to continue beating the (r)epublicans and their (p)resident into the ground by linking the words “censure” and “Bush” in as many news pieces as possible.

Feingold’s already done a good job, but you can force your reps to keep banging the drum by signing Move On’s petition.

Hey it's your country. And it was your privacy. Why not try and get it back?


Stefanie said...

Added my name and sent it to a bunch of friends. Thanks for the link!

highwayscribery said...

That's how it's supposed to work!

Howling Latina said...

I agree. I had the opportunity to listen to Ed Schultz yesterday afternoon. Boxer and Harkin are in the "house."

Rumors are that Kerry will also sign up. That's four senators.

Unfortunately, I live in Virginia and George 'Gomer Pyle' Allen is one of my senators; but only until November when Webb whips his hindparts.

I've been collecting signatures for James Webb and will finally have a chance to finally meet him this Saturday.