Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is prepared to take time out from tending to potholes and wastewater systems and call for (p)resident Bush’s impeachment:

Here is the news:

According to the article by Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, (“San Francisco Chronicle) the resolution, or at least an early draft, would call for a “full investigation, impeachment or resignation” not only of w. but of Dick Cheney, too.

Apparently, they have the votes to do it. Some guy named Sean Elsberg plans to oppose it. He said, “I have more important things to do than to vote for president Bush’s impeachment.”

Maybe. Maybe not.

But the board president, a guy from the beat/boho stronghold of North Beach, Aaron Peskin, is for it: “One of the fundamental tenets of a democratic society is the freedom of elected officials to express sentiments on behalf of their constituents.”

Which is certainly true, although the scribe wonders if liberals flatter republicans with appeals to their democratic sense when, actually, they have none. The iron-fisted defense of the right to spy on Americans whenever the president wants makes that very clear.

Why do they get this pass? Or perhaps it’s not a pass at all. People, it would appear, are angry and worried.

For example, here’s a piece by David Broder about discontent in the (r)epublican camp over the eavesdropping.

The Fox Network will launch a full-on blowhard attack once this vote is accomplished. When they are done San Francisco will not be a city of Americans, but a misplaced geographic mistake worthy neither of attention or Christian grace. They save that for themselves.

But hard as they may blow, this is San Francisco, not Santa Cruz (which has already passed such a resolution). It is a major American metropolis with an importance culturally and industrially that surpasses its modest size. The board's action is a symptom of the enmity that exists toward Bush in many places across America.

the scribe wouldn’t attempt to predict where something like this might go in these dramatic times, but he will point out that a considerable group of people have been pushing on Bush’s impeachment for quite some time.

It cannot be denied that this represents some headway and reward for their persistence.

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