Monday, December 19, 2005

"Vedette Does La Danza" at 33 1/3 Books & Gallery Collective

Above are some photos from the scribe's reading of "Vedette" at 33 1/3 Books & Gallery Collective on Dec. 15 in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. They are taken by Anna Siciliano, the scribe's wife, and Frank Bruynbroek .

At the top are two shots of the scribe and Omar Torrez, with the flag of the Spanish Republic overhead, provided by Izquierda Republicana (Republican Left), a political party dating back to the Spanish Civil War.

Next is an image of the riveted audience.

In the fourth from the top, and left to right are Omar's wife Masha, Omar, Llem (the bookstore owner), the scribe himself and Mrs. Scribe (Anna Siciliano).

After that are Masha and Omar.

Following are, well, you get the idea.

After six weeks of hanging posters, e-mailing, calling, reminding, and leaving fliers all over town, 15 people attended.


John Tottenham, a local writer and the most English man the scribe knows told him 15 wasn't so bad. "Remember, Martin Amis said a game of Scrabble qualifies as a literary event in Los Angeles."

In any case, the whole thing worked and with the help of six bottles of flamenco sherry (do the math!) the event turned out downright jovial and the scribe felt great about it.

Thanks again to those who came; for those who didn't maybe we'll do it again.

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Stefanie said...

Congratulations! 15 is pretty good and you even had musical accompaniment :)