Sunday, October 02, 2005

On November 17 the scribe, with the able assistance of the talented guitarist Omar Torrez (, will read from “Vedette or Conversations with the Flamenco Shadows”.

That’s a tentative date dependent upon whether the elusive Omar can be located and whether the folks at 33 1/3 Books have not been evicted from their location at the northeast corner of Alvarado and Sunset Blvd. They’ve been given their eviction notice, but seem intent upon sticking it out through the holidays before moving into their next space. It’s all very much in keeping with the theme of resistance that is so much a part of Vedette’s life and we’re pleased to work with a positive leftist collective and redoubt. There are many bars of ill-repute in the area to which we may all repair in the aftermath of this most exciting happening, and 33 1/3 have agreed to put a few books up for you to buy prior to the event. the scribe will sign copies of those books or footballs, team pictures, and anything else you might like his elegant script on after he and Omar cook up their flamenco groove. Meantime, this post will run daily, because the scribe has learned that being a pain-in-the-ass works and he’d really like to see you there. Peace.

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