Thursday, April 07, 2005

What's the Delay?

House Majority Leader Tom Delay is taking more time dying than the Vatican needs to bury the Pope.
Today he took a double hit in the "New York Times" and "Washington Post".
One ran a story about his wife and daughter clearing a cool million between them, courtesy of Delay’s political action committee.
Nothin’ like public service.
The other said Russian businesses were shuttling him to Moscow for the purpose of making business contacts, and back to Washington for, well you know, business.
These latest revelations are on top of the grand jury investigation down in Texas regarding his fund raising techniques and other political machine-like corruptions.
That, of course, is a part of a left-wing conspiracy, as is everything else he’s been nailed on prior to this morning’s stories. Problem is, there’s no left wing!
A few days ago he said federal judges who didn’t get his drift in the Terri Schiavo case would have to answer for their failings.
That’s because Tom Delay lives and works in a country where religious fundamentalists have their hands on the levers of power instead of civic, civil citizens. Our country.
Of course, (r)epublicans, as the scribe pointed out last week ("Railway Scribery," April 1) are jumping ship on Delay, but perhaps not enough to turn him out.
Maureen Dowd closed her column "The Passion of the Tom" by riffing on the scribe’s line, "Even the scary people are getting scared" (again "Railway Scribery" April 1).
She wrote, "Before, [(r)]epublicans just scared other people. Now, they’re scaring themselves."
highwayscribery’s line is crisper and was written six days earlier.
Serious and prideful digression. Apologies.
(r)epublicans didn’t make Delay leader of their party out of love; you don’t love a guy with a nickname liken "The Hammer."
They made him leader because he delivers the money needed to keep them in office and, apparently, in style on the road.
If he won’t go of his own will, and his party won’t ask him to leave, it may not happen.
D.C. lynchings are not what they used to be what with things spinning way out of control back during Clinton’s impeachment, the journalistic trade being handed over to wimps without axes to grind, and the literary left dispersed by the high rents in Greenwhich Village.
the scribe has never been a big fan of the Washington lynching. He hates the dark forces of groupthink and believes once the worm has turned, people change team jerseys pretty quickly, so that you can’t tell they used to love "The Hammer."
Besides, a lynching imparts a lot sympathy to the lynched, and Delay doesn’t deserve it.
Maybe they should just let him sit there in his "House" and wound the (r)epublican party by reporting to work every day.

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