Friday, March 11, 2005

Madrid My Dove

Eyes Wide Open, the American Friends Service Committee’s widely-acclaimed exhibition on the human cost of the Iraq War, features a pair of boots honoring each U.S. military casualty, a field of shoes and a Wall of Remembrance to memorialize the Iraqis killed in the conflict, and a multimedia display exploring the history, cost and consequences of the war. Read more about it at Thanks Bets for all you're doing.

I was going to spend some time letting Tom Delay (r-Texas) have it, but there's either too little peace in the world tonight, or too little of it in my soul to waste time on him. Needless to say the conservative revolutionary (an oxymoron for morons) may soon be on the chopping block. But don't be too happy. They'll always find another prick.

Here's a poem from my collection "spit in a flower pot (if you must)" to soothe you all instead:

Vanilla High

A smooth-tone Goddess
complacent with privilege
carelessly shakes out
a white sheet of
sleep-in Sunday
off from Godess-ness
and launches a crush of cranes
flapping into her
pillows the clouds
concede little
to those clarinets of pain
and flight.

She does not find it odd;
their urgency
stretches across the
humid spider silk
closing here eyes
and sighs
a tempest system.

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