Sunday, February 21, 2010

highwayscribery Launches "Book Report" blog

Friends, Fans, and Fellow Citizens of the World,

This post is to announce the launching of highwayscribery's "Book Reports" page where the reviews covered at the flagship blog are gathered under one URL without the interference and noise from intervening posts. It represents a small effort on the scribe's part to make some money as an associate of When readers click on the links embedded in the reviews, the scribe gets a pence, or shilling, or farthing (or something, not much). Such an arrangement might lead some to suspect the scribe will go soft on a particular text in the hope that someone will press on to purchase it. Those people have not been reading highwayscribery very long. In any case, the highway scribe has always made it a practice to go against type as a writer and respond with kindness and look for the achievement in the work of his fellow craftsmen and craftswomen.

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