Monday, February 16, 2009

"Vedette Does La Danza" in San Diego

Here are some photos from a performance of "Vedette Does La Danza" in San Diego last month.

Here a few poems from "Vedette" for textual contrast:

Old Ladies in Love Forever

it was gray
gray in the port of Cadiz.

of salted dogs and
shadows sliding silkily
through gray water.

and Saint Mary there
with her swallows
that sleep and sing
on the gray bridge
yawning across

who has been in love
and gray for
centuries with
the sea.

the sea/
and her downy
arms mad for
she of the pearl gray
and gulls
and black sandy

Tomatito’s Last Words

“Pine, thistle, loon
A minnow a slippery spoon
Saltwater lollipops
Freezing for the sun,
Melt under gun
Thunder moon.”

Prison Verse for Clara Montes

In the misery and iron concrete of jail,
the most passionate of flowers are grown.
From them all meanness and pain must sail.
They are watered in dreams clinging and known.

Blind all your singers, rape the sweet girl.
What is fair takes time, but will come.
Folded between hope and heart is the pearl,
of new children and the paths they will run.

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