Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bret Easton Ellis - Rich Man, Regular Man

Bret Easton Ellis. Posted by Picasa


GDA said...


probably a little late on this one, but should you be interested, his first "big" book was Less than Zero. The story is about LA in the '80's and some things we lived while riding around on the scooter and burning through clubs like the Radio and Power Tools. It's probably dated at this point, but at the time, 12,000 miles from home and looking for a lot of answers, it made fabulous reading.

Take Care,

the highway scribe said...


Good to hear from you. I thought about those times, especially when we were drunk at a traffic light on Sunset Blvd. and we literally tipped over laughing. We were riding up to station being followed by two girls we'd met at Al's Bar, which is now gone by the way. No helmets, no cops, no license, no practical vision. Our kids will never know the world we knew.